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Memory, Ageing and Cognition Centre

Memory, Ageing, and Cognition Centre
The Memory, Ageing, and Cognition Centre (MACC) was established in 2010. The MACC aims to investigate and provide novel insights into the risk factors and biomarkers for cognitive decline and dementia that may lead to potential therapeutic approaches. We imagine a future where cognitive decline and dementia can be prevented and treated. It is our mission to translate our research into productive interventions which promote healthy memory and healthy ageing in Singapore. Continue reading about our aims, our core research projects and our team. Follow us on twitter to get the latest updates and news from the MACC.


  • To provide novel insights in terms of risk factors and biomarkers for dementia and cognitive decline.
  • To create interventions that can prolong independent community function, delay institutionalisation and therefore lower healthcare expenditure.
  • To contribute to reduce the health care costs related to dementia for patients, caregivers and Singaporeans in general.



Director +

A/Prof Christopher
Chen Li-Hsian
Level 9, Centre for Translational Medicine,
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine,
14 Medical Drive,
Singapore 117599

Clinical and Coordinators Team +

  • Cognition Centre
    Liaw Hui Shan
  • Alzheimer's Disease
    Ng Jhun Yuan
  • Alzheimer
    Go Wei Ying
  • Alzheimer Disease
    Fu Na
  • Memory Decline
    Fong Kwan Min
  • Memory Decline
    Phyllis Lee Dee Shan

Raters Team +

  • Dementia Singapore
    (Psychometric Rater)
    Eddie Chong Jun Yi
  • Dementia Prevention
    (Psychometric Rater)
    April Phua Ka Sin
  • Healthy Ageing
    (Psychometric Rater)
    Kan Cheuk Ni
  • Memory Test
    (Psychometric Rater)
    Wong Zi Xuen
  • Memory Screening
    (Psychometric Rater)
    Kimberly Ann Chew
  • Memory Screening
    (Psychometric Rater)
    Chen Yong jie

Neuroimaging & Retinal Imaging Team +

  • Memory Clinical Trials
    Dr Saima Hilal
  • Improve Memory
    Caroline Robert
  • Alzheimer Disease
    Fu Na
  • Alzheimer Disease
    Asst Prof Jacqueline Chua

Laboratory Team +

  • Online Memory Screening
    Team Leader (Blood Biomarkers)
    Joyce Chong Ruifen
  • QDRS
    Team Leader (Neurochemistry)
    Dr Chai Yuek Ling
  • Dementia Singapore
    (Blood Biomarkers)
    Giselle Ava Francisco Pantaleo
  • Dementia Prevention
    Rachel Chia Ser Li
  • Dementia Prevention
    Deputy Director (Neurochemistry and Blood Biomarkers)
    Asst Prof Mitchell Lai

Data & Administrative Team +

  • Memory Issue
    (NUS Admin Matters)
    Tan Yen Ling
  • Ageing
    Connie Teo Kee Ling
  • Memory Problems
    Jameelah binte Sheik Mohamed

Current & Past Principal Investigators +

  • Asst/Prof Mitchell Lai
  • Prof Tien Yin Wong
  • Dr. Carol Y Cheung
  • A/Prof NV Ramani
  • Prof Peter Wong
  • A/Prof Simon Collinson
  • A/Prof Kamran Ikram
  • Dr. YH Dong
  • Prof Xin-Yuan Fu
  • A/Prof Anqi Qiu
  • A/Prof Helen Zhou
  • Prof Arthur Mark Richards
  • Prof David Matchar
  • Prof Leopold Schmetterer
  • A/Prof Deidre Anne De Silva
  • Asst Prof Calvin Chin

Co-Investigators & Collaborators +

  • Dr P Yap (AH)
  • Dr M Saini (CGH)
  • Prof Sachdev (CHeBA UNSW)
  • Dr Anthonin Reilhac (CIRC)
  • Dr Benjamin Thomas (CIRC)
  • Prof D Townsend (CIRC)
  • Asst/Prof J Totman (CIRC)
  • Dr Mary Stephenson (CIRC)
  • Prof V Mok (CUHK)
  • A/Prof SP Lam (Duke-NUS)
  • Dr S Hilal (Erasmus MC)
  • A/Prof C Thompson (JCU)
  • Prof AC Cuello (McGill)
  • A/Prof DA De Silva (NNI)
  • Dr N Kandiah (NNI)
  • A/Prof SK Sze (NTU)
  • Dr EYS Ting (NUH)
  • Dr S P Suministrado (NUH)
  • Dr B Chan (NUHS)
  • Asst/Prof BS Wong (NUHS)
  • Prof EH Kua (NUHS)
  • Dr Jemellee Cano (NUHS)
  • Dr Khor Lih Kin (NUHS)
  • Dr R Merchant (NUHS)
  • Dr Thet Naing (NUHS)
  • A/Prof TP Ng (NUHS)
  • Dr V Sharma (NUHS)
  • Prof B Halliwell (NUS)
  • Dr F Lei (NUS)
  • Dr Huilin Shao (NUS)
  • Dr Ling Shuo-Chien (NUS)
  • A/Prof M Wenk (NUS)
  • Prof Too (NUS)
  • Dr YA Lim (NUS)
  • Dr KH Chuang (SBIC)
  • Dr D Seow (SGH)
  • Dr MG Tan (SGH)
  • Dr Xie Wanying (SGH)
  • Prof Thakor (SINAPSE, NUS)
  • A/Prof BY Tan (SLH)
  • Dr Lester Leong (SLH)
  • Prof GJ Biessels (UMCU)
  • Dr S Marasigan (USTH)
  • Prof Brian Kennedy (NUS)
  • Prof Ecosse Lamoureux (Duke-NUS)
  • Prof Christiani Jeyakumar Henry (SICS)
  • Asst Prof Cynthia Chen (NUS)
  • Dr Effie Chew (NUHS)
  • Asst Prof John Ansah (Duke-NUS)
  • Prof Josip Car (NTU)
  • Asst Prof Chester Drum (NUS)
  • Prof Jianjun Liu (GIS)
  • Prof John Chambers (NTU)
  • Asst Prof Jacqueline Chua (SERI)
  • Prof Dan Milea (SERI)
  • Prof Thomas Yeo (NUS)
  • Prof Andrea Maier (NUS)
  • Prof Henrik Zetterberg (UCL)
  • Prof Kaj Blennow (Gothenburg)
  • A/Prof Michael Schöll (Gothenburg)
  • Prof Perminder Sachdev (CHeBA)
  • Prof Steven Greenberg (Massachusetts General Hospital)
  • Dr Xu Xin (Zhejiang University)
  • Prof Susan Landau (Berkeley)
  • Prof Lefkos Middleton (Imperial College London)
  • Prof Miia Kivipelto (Karolinska Institute)
  • Prof Gil Dan Rabinovici (UCSF)
  • A/Prof Kelvin Bryan Tan (MOH)

International Advisors

  • Prof E Koo (USA)
  • Prof P Francis (UK)
  • Prof C Tzourio (France)
  • Prof D Nyenhuis (USA)
  • Prof C Holmes (UK)
  • Prof G McKhann (USA)
  • Prof M Albert (USA)
  • Prof W Jagust (USA)